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Message from President

ティファナ 115.jpgOur Ashigara factory has been brushed up our original technique, asking what the circulated manufacturing is, as the recycling factory of Fujifilm corporation, which makes rapid progress.

We think recycling shouldn't be a transformation into the other production. Resource recovery in high quality is the very state of recycling, using as the same as the original materials. In this point of view we have been improved the circulated manufacturing, our washing process could be proud as only one technology in the world.

The circulated manufacturing can produce not only protection of the limited resources and economic effective by reduction of cost, but also a stable suppliment even if the oil price would take a jump. The reduction of carbon dioxide is also expected. That the technology is required by the comtemporary time.

We applied this technology to a new field called recycling of engineering plastics, and have started resource recovery of polycarbonate as that first step. This technology is recognized and awarded by Kanagawa Prefecture in 2008.

And from Kaisei factory we supply to many kinds of makers films as parts or processing assistant materials which is sand-blasted, brushed, slitted or inspected.

At each factory has "environment" forced to change, "human" with flexible sensitivity, "technology" to be worth trust. The harmony of these three will develop possibility of the circulated manufacturing into the future, and customer's satisfication, I believe.