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Ecology and Quality


Environmental management system by ISO14001

Ashigara factory has been certified ISO14001, which is an international standard of environmental management, in March 1997.
We are the earliest in the small and medium enterprises located in Kanagawa Pref.
The continuous improvement is tackled by the increase in efficiency of daily environmental management at the same time it makes the importance of eco management permeate the whole company.

Registration certificate

Preservation the environment in our factory

We advance preservation the environment actively as the one of the most important policies.

1.Wastwater treatment

The all used wastewater is treated by activated sludge process and drained into the public sewer.

  • Grasping the manufacturing plan: The treatment will be carried out checking and grasping the each section's schedule of wastewater amount monthly and daily.
  • Analysis of each process: We manage wastewater analyzing the progress of the treatment by ourselves.
  • The measure against a bad smell: We set the ultraviolet rays photo catalytic deodorizing system in some sections.
  • Regulations of discharging water : We have severer criteria to manage the quality of water than the regulations in Japan, and exhaustively control by ourselves.

The view of our equipments for wastewater treatment
The view of our equipments for wastewater treatment

2.Reduction of waste materials

We recycle all the wastes generated in our factory Aiming zero reclamation, we sort and reduce waste thoroughly.
Moreover we act for improvement the quality of resource recovery.

The view of our garbage dump
The view of our garbage dump

Environment Report

Ashigara factory open the environment report to the public


Manufacturing high-quality products and more improvement are our company's prior themes.

Equipment of energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry

Equipment of energy dispersive X-ray spectrometryVarious kinds of samples (solid, powder, liquid, film) could be measured by no-destruction analysis.

Scanning Electron Microscope

Scanning Electron MicroscopeAnalyzing particle substances got into plastics and specifying the appearance, we prevent the quality troubles previously and maintain the quality.

Result of XRF Analysis of plastics sample contains substances regulated by RoHS
Result of SEM Analysis of plastics sample dissolved to dichloromethane, specified to tungsten